SafeSend File Upload

SafeSend Secure Transmission

SafeSend is software that allows for the secure transmission of your important tax documents to Bee, Bergvall & Co.

Our 2 office locations are listed below; each location contains a hyperlink to allow clients to submit documents to the correct e-location.  Note: If you are unsure which Office link to utilize, please use the Warrington link.

Once you have gathered all of your tax documents, simply click on your office location to open the hyperlink.  Your documents can be in the form of jpeg, png, word, excel or pdf. The file size limit is 3G.

Note: If you have difficulty, please check your browser.  The Chrome web-browser is recommended.

Warrington Office Link

(Administrator contact Kelly Schwartz; Files received by Kelly Schwartz)

Tax/File Upload

Richboro Office Link

(Administrator contact Chris Craig; Files received by Kelly Schwartz)

Tax/File Upload

Secure Transmission – when you are ready to upload your tax documents

You will need to enter:

  • Your email address
  • Your name

You will then be able to upload your files.

You will see an upload status and receive an email notification that your upload was successful.

If you have any questions with this upload process, please contact your office Administrator and they will provide assistance.